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Stephen A. Cross, CCIM - Advisor to Tenants, Buyers and Investors


These articles are provided to educate the reader on the realities of leasing and buying commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate in General

  1. Selecting Your Team of Advisors
  2. The 7 Industry Terms You Need to Know
  3. Factors That Affect The Price You'll Pay
  4. The Big Ts: Timelines, Terminology, Teams and Tours
  5. Space Considerations and Hidden Costs
The Realities of Commercial Real Estate
  7. The 10 Myths and Misconceptions of Commercial Real Estate
  8. Is the Deck Stacked Against Commercial Tenants?
  9. Inconvenient Truths About Commercial Real Estate

Insights on Leasing Commercial Space

10. Preparing to Lease Space
11. The 6 Unspoken Rights of Commercial Tenants and Buyers
12. It's Always a Tenant's Market.
13. How to Save Up to 36% on Your Next Lease
14. Tenant-Landlord Disputes
15. The 7 C's of Commercial Real Estate:Tips on How to Lease for Less
16. Exit Strategies: Negotiating Early Lease Termination Provisions
17. Commercial Subleases: How to Get the Most for the Leased
18. When the Landlord Says No! How to Negotiate Favorable Lease Terms and Concessions
19. Leasing in a Down Market Cycle
20. SOS: Small Office Solutions

Negotiating Lease Renewals & Extensions

21. Level the Playing Field at Lease Renewal Time
22. Negotiating Lease Extensions: The Three-Stage Process: Evaluate, Educate, then Negotiate

Buying & Investing in Commercial Property

23. Lease or Buy? Factors to Consider When Buying Commercial Real Estate
24. Going From Tenant to Owner
25. Insider Tips for Leasing, Buying and Investing
26. Due Diligence: Things You Should 'DO' Before Leasing or Buying Commercial Real Estate
27. Business Condos: A Closer Look
28. How to Locate, Lease and Buy Property: Understanding the 'Ins and Outs' of Commercial Real Estate
29. Rules of Thumb When Buying Commercial Real Estate
30. How to Hire, and When to Fire, Listing Agents

Special Interest Topics

31. Healthcare Professionals: Essential Insights When Leasing or Buying Office Space
32. The 10 Critical Issues Facing Women in Business
33. Issues Facing Restaurant Franchisees and Small Chains
34. Tips for Small- to Medium-Sized Retailers & Restaurants
35. Insights for Food and Beverage Proprietors


36. You Are What You Read: How to Think, Speak, Earn and Save More Effectively

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