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Stephen A. Cross, CCIM - Advisor to Tenants, Buyers and Investors

Your Referrals Are Appreciated!

A referral is sending someone you care about to someone you trust.  I build my business by referral, so if you have a friend or client who is looking to lease or buy commercial real estate please pass along my name and contact information, or forward their information to me and I will reach out to them. Licensed real estate agents are eligible for a referral fee for all bona fide referrals.

Why should you refer your clients to Steve Cross?

Because I specialize, and am an expert, in commercial tenant and buyer representation. That means it’s my job to help business owners, doctors, dentists and corporate executives lease or buy commercial real estate at the lowest prices and most favorable terms possible. Four attributes make me the best choice for your commercials real estate referrals:

First, because I do not list properties conflicts-of-interest are eliminated and my clients know they will be exposed to every available property, regardless of which agent or company controls the listing.

Second, I share the values of business owners, healthcare professionals and corporate decision-makers. Further, I have leased space for my business and own commercial property. In other words, I’ve taken every step my clients are contemplating with my own money.

Third, I work exclusively to protect the rights and interests of commercial tenants and buyers, who have the right to know WHAT rates and concessions can be negotiated; WHERE they are likely to find the best deals; WHEN an offer should be made, and in what form; and that their circumstances will remain confidential.

Fourth, I have extensive experience solving the problems of business owners, doctors, dentists and corporations. Since 1984 I’ve helped over 2,700 businesses of every size and description make fully-informed real estate decisions. I’m also a numbers guy, with a degree in accounting and the elite CCIM designation (the commercial real estate equivalent of the CPA).

Your referrals are appreciated!

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