Your choice of advisors determines which properties you are shown and how much you will pay - and my specialty is solving the real estate problems of commercial tenants and buyers. Of note is that since 1984 I’ve helped over 2,700 business owners, medical doctors, dentists and corporate executives make fully-informed leasing or buying decisions and save hundreds of thousands of dollars on their real estate costs. While my maturity, knowledge and tactical acumen are strong indicators of my professional expertise, several things make me unique in the commercial real estate business:

First: I don’t list properties, ever. Benefit: The inevitable and unavoidable conflicts of interest that listing agents face are eliminated, and my Clients are assured of receiving unbiased, confidential and tenacious representation.

Second: I’ve leased space for my business and own commercial real estate. Benefit: I’ve taken every step my Clients are contemplating and have done so with my own money.

Third: I’m a numbers guy, with a degree in accounting and the elite CCIM designation. Benefit: I am skilled at making numbers-based, bottom-line decisions and negotiating favorable terms for my Clients, whether they prefer to lease or purchase commercial real estate.