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As you will see, my clients are a diverse group of business owners, healthcare professionals, corporate decision-makers, attorneys, accountants, municipalities, and investors that want to lease or buy commercial property. While they are experts in their fields, they don’t have the time to become experts in commercial real estate… so they call on me to protect their interests.

It’s my mission to be a voice for the vulnerable. I do that by researching the marketplace for every space or building that meets my clients’ requirements and negotiating the lowest price and most favorable terms possible. Of note is that on new leases and purchases I’m paid by sharing commissions with listing agents, so my services generally cost my clients nothing.

Whenever you’re thinking about commercial real estate - whether it’s renegotiating the terms of your lease, relocating to another building, or buying commercial property for your own use or as an investment, I urge you to talk to me first.

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