Broker Opinion of Value (BOV)

A ‘Broker Opinion of Value’ is not an appraisal. Rather, it is an opinion of the likely value of a particular property, either for lease or purchase in an arms length transaction. On prospective leases, I opine on target rates, incentives and other terms and conditions. This guidance is especially valuable when exercising options and negotiating renewal terms. On prospective purchases I can offer an opinion of value based on recent sales of comparable properties and advertised asking prices on properties advertised as available for purchase.

Research Reports

Research is of immense value for those seeking objective information on particular properties or property types, either for lease or purchase. My comprehensive research reports generally include location maps with addresses, building photographs, information about advertised availabilities and asking rates/prices, marketing brochures (when available), and listing agent contact information.

Tenant-Landlord Matters (including disputes)

As a tenant advocate, I am available to help interpret ‘gray’ areas of lease agreements and mediate disputes. While I am not an attorney and cannot offer legal advice, I can reach out to landlords to discuss matters of misunderstanding or disagreement and negotiate solutions satisfactory to both parties.

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