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Office, Medical, Industrial, Retail and Investments - Tenant & Buyer Representation, Lease Renewals & Renegotiations, Income & Investment Property, Corporate Real Estate

M I S S I O N    S T A T E M E N T

To establish Client relationships with businesses owners, doctors, dentists and corporations and represent their interests in the selection of commercial space to lease or purchase and use my best efforts to negotiate the lowest price and most favorable terms possible.

Have Questions About Commercial Real Estate?

Please contact me to discuss your space requirements and how to lease space or purchase property at the lowest price possible.

I will offer expert opinions on renegotiating your current lease, relocating to another building or buying commercial property.

Here’s my contact information:
Steve Cross, CCIM, Realtor 480.998.7998 steve@crossrealty.com
Information is Power
I maintain a comprehensive database of every available space and building - including proprietary data about sizes, vacancies, incentives and price. I know WHERE the best deals can be found and HOW to negotiate the lowest ‘overall’ prices. In short, I will save you time, money and aggravation!

I Work for You
Because I work exclusively for the benefit of tenants and buyers, conflicts of interest are eliminated. Your businesses’ choices, circumstances and strategies remain confidential... and that gives you leverage at the bargaining table.

What's the Cost?
Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zero. On new leases and purchases I share commissions received by the 'listing' brokers. If you represent yourself the entire commission is retained by the 'listing' broker...and you did all the work!