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Physicians and Dentists are Too Trusting

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When it comes to leasing space, or buying commercial real estate, healthcare professionals are especially vulnerable to exploitation at the hands of landlords, property managers and the agents that market their buildings for lease or sale.

I surmise that the reasons for this are two-fold: First, because real estate decisions are typically made every three to five years, and few healthcare providers can devote adequate time to becoming proficient at a task that occurs so infrequently. Second, people in the healing professions are perceived as being too trusting, and unlikely to question the business terms of a lease or the motivations and qualifications of the people they typically turn to for real estate advice... and that leads to overpaying.

I’ve written an article titled Healthcare Professionals: Essential Insights When Leasing or Buying Office Space, which is intended to help doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers make better-informed real estate decisions. It’s available free of charge by clicking on the link above.

In closing, I urge all medical and dental professionals to heed their own advice and schedule annual real estate checkups with a professional that specializes in protecting their interests, not the landlord’s.

My clients are specialists in most every medical, dental and healthcare discipline, and include:

Dr. Kory Blythe
Dr. Jody Reiser
Dr. Anne-Marie Feyer-Melk
Dr. Carl Gassman
Dr. Paul Nielson
Dr. George Master, Southwest Jaw Surgeons
Dr. Derek Lamb
Dr. Jerold Powers
Dr. Robert Kelly
Dr. Todd Malan
Dr. Shelly Friedman
Dr. David Israel
Dr. Andrew Krygier
Dr. Paul Budnick
Dr. Thomas McClammy
Dr. Gene Carsia
Dr. Marlene Sukiennik
Dr. Jonathan Grant
Central Phoenix Medical Clinic
Your Neighborhood Doctor
Glendale Behavioral Health
Varsity Physical Therapy
Diagnostic X-ray Consultation Services
Sutton Family Dentistry
Valley of the Sun Pharmacy
Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center
Infinity 2 Nutrition
Sonobello Body Contour Centers
Arizona Center for Neurologic Medicine
Sari Hands Physical Therapy
Dorothy McGuinness Physical Therapy
Center of Intention for Healing
Biotec Wellness
Valley Medical Weight Loss
Colten Adult Care
Tissue Management Solutions
North Scottsdale Acupuncture
Valley Medical Weight Control
Valleywide Health
The Massage & Esthetics Studio
Arthritis Research
North Tatum Animal Hospital
Dr. Hal B. Wilson
Dr. Thomas Babu
Dr. Theresa Ramsey
Dr. Ronald Peters
Dr. David Tallman
Dr. Larry Kaufman
Dr. William Tikey
Dr. Edward Shapiro
Dr. Howard Barnes
Dr. Joseph Panelli
Dr. Brett Patel
Dr. Scott Sutton
Dr. Wendy Villalba
Dr. W. M. Hall
Dr. Ronald Weisman
Dr. Eric Krebs
Dr. Elizabeth Ventura-Cook
Dr. Earl Colbert
Dr. Mark Force
Diagnostic X-Ray Consultation Services
Unlimited Medstaff of Arizona
Just Cats Veterinary Hospital
Phoenician Herbals
Calming Body Effects
St. Jude Medical
Sun City Message
Avada Hearing Care Centers
Eyecare Consultants
Hear USA
Arizona Behavioral Health Specialists
Sonoran Veterinary Hospital
Exclusively Spine Physical Therapy
Mountain Vista Spinal Health Center
National Physicians Associates
Professional Psychology Associates
Advanced Laser Hair Removal
Maricopa Advisory Council on Developmental Disabilities
National Physicians Associates
Pilates Center of the Southwest
Pilates Joe
Pinnacle Peak Pilates
MyoSymmetrix Advanced Massage Therapy

Stephen A. Cross, CCIM owns CROSS Commercial Realty Advisors and represents business owners, healthcare professionals and corporate decision-makers in matters involving the lease and purchase of commercial real estate. Contact: 480-998-7998;

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